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We make good brands better
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the integrated marketing consultancy and solutions firm you need to help make your brand better. We provide you with a 360 strategy & plan that will develop and build your brand. We are also committed to seeing everything through-from the planning stage all the way to execution. Every step of the way, we are with you.

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a disruptive mindset

We maintain brand visibility using methods that challenge the status quo.

Brands that simply follow the trends often fall to the wayside and get lost in the sea of ambiguity. The ones who are often remembered, however, are those who dared to go against the trend and change the course. And at the end of the day, if customers can’t distinguish your brand from the other, all our efforts would have been for nothing.



We deliver successful disruptions by using impactful solutions to deliver a single, clearly-defined idea.

By successful disruptions we mean cleverly crafted and truly attention-grabbing ideas that cut through all the noise and clutter to get your message across. Because louder and fancier doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes it’s just noisier.


open mindedness

We go beyond traditional marketing

The world we live in has gone beyond tv, radio and print. So should we.



We work with people, brands, and agencies to deliver desired results

‘No man is an island’ is a cliche that’s served us well. We believe that everyone has something good to bring to the table—and it’s just a matter of understanding how we can best utilize all these ideas to get the best results.



We maximize your resources to make good use of both your time and budget

We work quickly and efficiently to deliver on our commitments because Time and Money are valuable resources we cannot afford to waste. Neither yours nor ours.


bias for action & result

We take the necessary actions that produce favorable outcomes

We do not go into anything half-cocked. We take the time to understand what it is we want and how best to get there. And then make our move. It’s more productive that way.


Dong Ronquillo

managing partner

a branding visionary, marketing expert, and a pioneer in digital PR and social media marketing;

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Bunny Aguilar


the embodiment of a brand savvy marketing professional.

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Leah Caringal


a proficient business leader with her own PR agency Greenbulb Communications

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